dr. Rima

Dental Medicine

MSc дентална естетика


Born in Sofia, Dr. Rima Somi has completed her secondary education in Samokov.

In 2021, she has successfully completed her dental education and internship at one of the most renowned universities for dental medicine in Europe and the world – Westphlian Wilhelm University – Münster, Germany.

The up-to-date knowledge and practice obtained from the University of Münster, Germany and the many internships in other german clinics equipped with the most innovative technologies and proven treatment methods, can guarantee you her high qualification and competence in all dental, surgical and general medical issues related to the industry in which she is active.

In addition Dr. Rima Somi received a position at the Hornheise plastic surgery clinic in the city of Münster, where she conducts scientific research in the field of aesthetic medicine with the aim of new research, publications and a doctorate in scientific medical fields.

Dr. Rima Somi’s vocation is aesthetics in all its forms. You can rest assured that you will receive the clearest, sincere and accurate solution to what you want to improve, matched to your individual features and vision.

With numerous training in our country and abroad, for her tender age, she has
enormous experience and knowledge. The main reason for this is the passion with witch she works and her dedication to the profession.

After her special training at the University Clinic Münster, she doesn’t stop learning and believes that the more you know, the better you understand that the medicine (is like) an endless galaxy. For this reason, Dr. Somi has no intention of stopping learning and upgrading her knowledge.

Dr. Rima Somi continues her studies at the International Academy of Aesthetics Master’s in Dental Aesthetics and Dental Design. This is her biggest passion and this allows her to take care of your new smile using the most innovative technologies. According to its concept, the clinic offers dental design and its (own) concept for making ceramic veneers and crowns that look the most natural.

Dr. Rima Somi has completed 12 different pieces of training for working with dermal fillers and botox in our country and several other countries. With a Master’s in botox procedures, she graduated from Dr. Nabil Hourir, Lebanon.

Dr. Rima Somi is a certified specialist in working with liquid and lifting treads after (her) training/an education at Ultra Medical, Germany.

What makes Dr. Somi stand out is her most current specialization in Complication and special therapy after minimally invasive procedures with fillers and botulinum toxin and how they can be prevented, completed with a world-renowned professor in London, England.

She is the specialist you are looking for and trust when it comes to cosmetic medicine and cosmetic dentistry related to a whole new smile, crowns and veneers.