botox therapies


Do you have symptoms of bruxism? If so, Botox treatment is your solution. In Dr. Somi Clinic, the professional team will perform the highest level of expertise in providing treatments for teeth grinding and more. To learn how Botox can help you, call us to make an appointment.

Bruxism can occur subconsciously, while awake or during sleep. Risk factors for developing bruxism include stress, health disorders, age and heredity.

Grinding your teeth can cause problems such as broken, cracked or worn teeth.  It increases tooth sensitivity and is often the cause of local pain and headache, as well as tooth recession.

Bruxism treatment with Botox is done by injecting a small amount into the masseter muscle that moves your jaw and helps you chew.  Botox therapy helps reduce tooth wear and relieves jaw pain and tension in the head that causes unpleasant headaches.

The effect is noticeable from 1 to 3 days after the procedure, with results lasting up to six months.