filler therapies

contouring and
the FACE

If you are looking for a non-surgical but at the same time a longer-lasting effect method to restore the volume lost over time or to correct features that bother you, at Dr. Somi Clinic we have a solution.

Over time the skin loses volume and elasticity, but thanks to different types of fillers, we can easily turn back time by restoring the missing volume in the face.

Elegantly and without surgical intervention, fillers allow us to emphasize the shape and certain features of the face, such as cheekbones, emphasizing the temples, nose, jaw, chin and even the forehead.


Through different techniques, we can influence the shapes of the face, such as to soften the facial lines and folds, lift the cheekbones and increase their volume, emphasize the jaw or chin. Fillers also solve problems such as erasing sunken scars, the loss of volume under the eyes or even nose contouring.

Under the experienced hands of Dr. Somi, you will regain your facial symmetry and youthful radiance, and with them, self-confidence.

To maintain your good relationship with the watch and calendar, call us for a consultation – we will listen to your expectations and give you the most suitable solution for you.